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On Saturday, September 19 from 7 to 8 pm, the CAC hosted our first-ever Virtual Opening Night Celebration on Facebook Live! Check out this recording of the event, which included an exhibition walk through with exhibition Co-Curator and CAC Executive Director George Scheer, Co-Curator Katrina Neumann, and exhibition jurist Toccarra A.H. Thomas, Director of the Joan Mitchell Center, and "What America Must Become," moderated by Curatorial Consultant Toccara A. H. Thomas, featuring artists Derrick Woods-Morrow, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Lauren Cardenas, Jeffery Darensbourg, and Derrick Woods-Morrow.


Streamed on Facebook Live. Now available for viewing on Youtube

Studio𝓥 - CAC Members Only

Join us for Studio𝓥 , a series of live, virtual tours of artists’ studios and collectors’ homes. These brief, intimate conversations will offer a chance to meet new artists, ask questions, see what they’ve been up to during this extraordinary period, and catch a glimpse of a new work for your collection.


Hosted by George Scheer, CAC Executive Director and co-curator of Make America What America Must Become, exhibition of Gulf South Artists, Studio𝓥 is an opportunity for CAC Members to learn more about the artists in the exhibition and address any questions or thoughts directly to artists. Reservations are required.

Become a Member and Enjoy Studio𝓥

Thursday, October 8, 2020,  5pm

Artist: Sarah Hill

Live on Zoom

Sarah Hill, _Goodbye Rebecca _ Eileen,_

Sarah Hill (They/Them)

New Orleans, LA

Biography: Sarah Hill lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. They have shown nationally and internationally. Sarah has performed at Cyrstal Bridges Museum of American Art, Le Lieu The Contemporary Art Center in Québec, Canada, at the International Performance Platform Festival in Lublin, Poland at Gallery Labirynt, and at Performatorium 2014: Festival of Queer Performance Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Sarah received their MFA from the Museum School in partnership with Tufts University, Boston. They have studied with Black Market International at the Festival of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020, 5pm 

Krystle Lemonais 

Live on ZOOM

Krystal Lemonias, %22Yuh no see say Him

Krystle Lemonais (She/Her)

Tampa, Florida

Biography: [KP shortened from submitted bio ] In her artist bio found on her website, Lemonias says “My art is a reflection of who I am, a multidisciplinary hybrid; they interweave non-linear oral narratives and historical accounts that each piece unfolds when closely investigated.” Krystle Lemonias, is an interdisciplinary visual artist and art educator. She has exhibited her work at the New York Academy of Art in the XL Catilin Art Prize Exhibition in 2018 and participated in the 2017 NJCU BFA Exhibition.  She is primarily influenced by her research on social class privilege, border culture, economic inequity, and how acts of violence impact urban predominantly black communities. 


Found materials, fabric, and iconography are used to communicate these themes. She sees her work as a tool to encourage the education of cultural identity to this population and its connection to the broader diaspora. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020,  5pm

Artist: Edison Peñafiel

Live on ZOOM

Ni Aqui Ni Alla - Edison Penafiel   (2).

Edison Peñafiel (He/His)

 Sunrise, USA

Biography: Born in Ecuador, Edison Peñafiel migrated to the United States to leave the political and economic instability of his native country. His singular style integrates video and multimedia installation to create surreal echoes of our world, environments that translate experience. His work centers the migrant as a subject, informed by his own life. 


Peñafiel has presented his work in numerous large scale projects, site-specific and immersive installations, appearing at the Bass Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Elsewhere Museum, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. 

Thursday, January 7th 2021, 5pm

Carrie Johnson

Live on ZOOM

C E Johnson, %22Democracy Machine (After

Carrie Johnson (She/Her)

Bruton, Alabama

Biography: On Carrie’s about section of her website, they state that, “My aim is to imagine a spiritual aesthetic or a history of sacred images, objects, sounds, and places through the lens of my own Southern Protestant heritage where these kinds of ideas and objects are pointedly and historically absent. 


C E Johnson (b. 1978) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working and living in Alabama.  Place, landscape, and the idea of "the sacred" are important themes in Johnson’s work and she takes inspiration from the materials she works with. Recently, she has been interested in utilizing locally sourced minerals (like marble, shale, and chalk), to create paintings, sculpture, and ceramic works.  


Johnson’s work has been exhibited at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea, NY; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago; Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Mobile, Alabama; Gallery 901, Selma, Alabama. Johnson received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Feminist Data Set Workshops

Artist Caroline Sinders work is a deep provocation, but a reflection of our wants and needs, as a community. What is an intersectional feminist AI system, or what would an intersectional feminist algorithm need? Let's speculate, if we were, as a community, to instruct an Ai system to reflect our needs, what instructions, parameters, or even a kind of manifesto, would we want to present to these larger systems? Or perhaps, what do we wish for Ai systems to refuse, to fail, and to limit their extent and power?'

Workshop #1: October 15, 3:30-6:30 pm

Workshop #2: November 12, 3:30-6:30 pm

Workshop #3: December 10, 3:30-6:30 pm

Stay tuned for more details coming soon, as well as information about registering for these workshops.

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