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Writing a Book: The Essential Basics and Sources of Information

Challenging? Of course it is. And it will be even more complicated if you remember about logic, because all phenomena, all features of the world are connected to each other, and the basis of all connections are cause-effect relationships, which need an eye and an eye. And that is why a wooden city in a stone wasteland will seem strange, as well as a toilet with a shower in the absence of a sewer system.

On the one hand, write my paper for me in 3 hours it seems to be little things, details, but it is these details that will either give the story credibility, or make the reader snort dismissively, declare "Author, it can't be, you're delusional!" - and close the book.

A knowledge of philology wouldn't hurt either:

what plot and composition are,

how the hero differs from the character,

basic speech errors, and so on.

Many people write papers for money advise authors to get a philological education as a major, but not every good writer today is a philologist, and not every philologist is capable of becoming a good writer. But a basic knowledge of literary criticism and linguistics is certainly not superfluous.

Where to get the necessary information?

First, of course, research paper writing help on the Internet. The main thing, again, to identify those areas of knowledge that you need.

The main character - the medic, lost in the Siberian taiga? Odd. Looking for information about:

1) the medical profession, especially studying biology, signs of diseases/infections, rules of primary medical care;

2) about peculiarities of Siberian taiga, including climate and seasonality, flora and fauna;

3) survival in extreme conditions according to Robinson Crusoe principle - what and how to eat, where to sleep, what to be afraid of, how to use fire, etc.

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